guide to max cash.

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guide to max cash. Empty guide to max cash.

Post  sillyrabbit on Wed Jun 15, 2011 10:15 pm

first off u can do what sparc mod said u can go to dbmini and get dbow a ezier way if ur staff is u keep one person or tele a person to u tell them to stay finish the mini game tele back and keep doing that over and over killing the dragon... getting multiple of d bows that u can alch. 2nd best is thieving go to ::skills and go up ladder to thieving which goes from 500k on first stall 3m to second 5m and once 99 7m. another guide is to do our ::3rdage mini game get 3rd age and sell em and or alch them for cash another way is for all items u can't sell just alch em there worth same amount as u can buy em for.

p.s. hope this guide helped everyone and best regards {co-owner} sillyrabbit
p.s.s. don't forget to vote at once we hit 25 major drop party!

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